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Frequently Asked Questions.
Here are some common questions about Food Safety certifications.

How often do I need to retake my food manager exam?

Food manager exams are valid for 5 years.


How often do I need to retake my food handler course?

Food handler courses are valid for 3 years.


I am told by my health department that I need a Servsafe exam and certificate?

That is incorrect. There are six exams that are accredited and approved nationwide.

National Registry, Always Food Safe, Prometric, 360 Training, Servsafe and State Food Systems. Safe Food Handlers Corporation uses Always Food Safe and National Registry as their approved accredited exams.


Is a food handler course required?

In California, Florida, Illinois, Texas and some other jurisdictions, it is required. This is normally a 1 ½ hour course that covers the basics of food safety and safe food handling practices and needs to be renewed every 3 years. If you are a certified food manager, you do not have to take the food handler course.


Where can I find a food manager course?

Safe Food Handlers (SFH) offers over 800 classroom courses in several states annually. If you have 8 or more students that need to be trained, SFH will come to your location. Visit our website at www.sfhcorp.com.


If I fail my food manager exam, what next?

You may take the examination twice within 30 days. If you don’t pass your second attempt, you must wait at least 60 days from your most recent attempt before taking the exam again. No more than four attempts are allowed within a 12 month period.


Is my food manager certificate valid if I move out of state?

Yes, the national certificates are valid nationwide.


What if I lose or misplace my food manager certificate?

You need to contact the examination company that issued your certificate and they will print you a copy. There is a minimal charge by the exam company.


Is a food manager course required?

In some states, such as, Illinois, the answer is yes. Most states only require the person in charge or manager on duty, to either demonstrate food safety knowledge through answering the food inspector’s questions correctly or successfully passing an accredited exam. It is difficult to pass the examination if you have not attended a food manager course, so it is highly recommended that you complete a food safety course. Rules change from year to year and you need to know these changes to pass the exam.


How many questions are on the food manager examination?

There are 80 questions on the food manager examination and you must obtain a score of 75% in order to pass and receive a certificate. Some examination companies may include a few extra questions to test their validity of their questions, but these questions are not included in the scoring of the test. They are only used to write future exams.


Does the food manager certificate belong to the student or the restaurant?

Although the restaurant may display a student food safety certificate in the establishment, the certificate belongs to the student. If it is not returned to you when you leave employment, you can contact the exam company and get a copy for a minimal cost. The restaurant must take the certificate down if the employee no longer works at the restaurant.


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